Good Aikido Phone Number

Legal Disclaimer for Good Aikido

Please be advised that the telephone number 02 7228 6000, previously associated with Good Aikido, is no longer in use and is no longer affiliated with our business. Good Aikido has discontinued any and all use of this phone number, and it should not be used to contact us or considered representative of our current operations.

For all inquiries, concerns, and communication, please refer to our current contact information . We have made every effort to update our contact details across all platforms, but we acknowledge that the old number might still appear on certain websites and directories over which we have no control.

Good Aikido expressly disclaims any responsibility for confusion or inconvenience caused due to the presence of the old number on external sites and platforms. We also disclaim any liability for actions taken by any third party who may use or reference this number in association with Good Aikido.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. For accurate and up-to-date information about Good Aikido and how to contact us, please always refer to our official website and verified communication channels.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.


Crom Salvatera
Good Aikido