Good Aikido is the Best Martial Art for Kids

The Good Aikido Martial Art for kids classes are organised so that it is fun, safe, and educational.

Why is Aikido one of the best martial arts for kids if not the BEST martial art for kids? Because it’s a martial art based on harmony rather than just learning to fight and getting in a ring punching and kicking other kids.

There are two age groups

1) Little Samurais (6 to 9 years old)
2) Young Blackbelts (10 to 13 years old)

The Martial Art for Kids classes is held in the Good Aikido Macquarie University dojo.

There are Four Parts to the Martial Art for Kids Class

Ukemi – Kids learn to roll, fall, and get up in a safe way
Taijutsu – hand to hand techniques and self-defence
Good Aikido principles – this is where they learn the ten virtues of Good Aikido
Good Aikido play – we make martial arts fun with place

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The Good Aikido Martial Art for Kids Program

The Good Aikido Martial Art for Kids Program was created in 2021 to give children of all ages greater self-esteem, confidence, and fitness through the study of martial arts.

The founder Crom Salvatera, or “Sensei Crom” as his students call him, saw a big need for a fun way to do Aikido classes for kids in Sydney, Australia. Sensei Crom has been practising Aikido for 30 years and is also a family man, a father to two kids.

Our main focus is on building the self-esteem of the child or teen. We want to help them strengthen their growing bodies and sharpen their minds and grow their spirit whilst improving their self-confidence.

All self-defence classes are taught in a positive, non-intimidating, and fun atmosphere. Parents are welcome to stay and watch the classes.

Our convenient classes in Sydney are taught throughout the year in unison with the school terms. A grading held at the end of each term to build the student’s sense of accomplishment. The goals are very achievable and are set forth at the onset of the program.

Good Aikido Martial Art for Kids Code of Conduct

We DO NOT tolerate bullying. Good Aikido Kids learn to say NO to bullying. Good Aikido follows the guidelines outlined by the NSW Education on what to do with bullying.

We have strict rules of behaviour and conduct in the dojo, which every student is expected to follow. Please read and understand the Good Aikido Code of Conduct.

Aikido teaches children how to get along with each other. After all the Aikido means ‘The Way of Harmony” in Japanese. Aikido itself is not aggressive in nature and they learn how to manage and cope with aggressive behaviour from others.

Children can be taught confidence and self-defence skills at an early age with the right encouragement from a skilled instructor in a fun class.

Our instructors stress the importance of giving everyone a fair go and treating others with dignity.

We do not teach kids how to fight. No no. That’s not what Aikido is all about. We teach kids how to stand up for themselves, to be confident, and assertive. We teach them the skills to be able to ‘handle’ themselves whilst being in control of their own emotions and actions. After all, they are kids.

We highly encourage that the Aikido and martial art skills learned in our Good Aikido School should be used as a last resort to position the Aikidoka away from trouble and towards a position and place of safety and security.

The Martial Art for Kids classes is held in the Good Aikido Macquarie University dojo.

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Good Aikido is a Fun and Effective Way to Get Your Child to Move More and be Active

Our fun, high-energy specially tailored kids self-defence program will get them moving.

Good Aikido kids learn how to focus their energy and self-control.

Our world-class instructors guide Good Aikido kids through fun Aikido and martial art games and drills. This will improve your child’s concentration, focus, and ability to follow directions.

Is your child into team sports?

The idea and practice of being in a team sport is a strong Australian tradition. It helps children the values of being in a team. We support this tradition here at Good Aikido.

Whether your child is in a team sport or not, they need to experience individual achievements in something active. Get them moving so they don’t just sit at home in front of the TV or their computer or iPad.

Childhood is the best time to discover things, learn new things, go through life one step at a time, achieving things like earning a yellow belt or even a brown belt.

Get Fit and Learn Something

If your child is going to get fit, might as well learn something valuable that they can use when they grow up that no one can take away from them.

When they get they get their yellow belt or brown belt, they become an Aikido yellow belt or an Aikido brown belt. That’s something. That’s a real achievement. No one can take that away from them because their skills and achievement are within, not just in pursuit of a plastic medal or trophy. By the way, they’ll wear that yellow belt with pride. 😊

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The Good Aikido Martial Art for Kids program is not a team sport. What we offer is an alternative or an addition to the practice of team sports. Also, we’ve noticed that kids that do martial art do better in their team sport, in performance, collaborations, and mindset.

Aikido is about the individual achievements of a child in a good community environment. It’s like being in a team sport without being in a team itself. There is a strong sense of belonging. They will probably meet other kids that they can be friends with for a very long time. Together they will go through the grades and levels achieving and growing together with their newfound mates. 😊

Having said this and let’s face it, not all kids are into team sports. It is a fact that no Good Aikido Kid sits on the bench. The Good Aikido Kid self-esteem grows with each achievement, and this is carried with them throughout their lives.

Children who may not excel at team sports also deserve to learn to be very good at a hobby or an activity based on their own abilities and effort. With Aikido they will learn (metaphorically and literally) to fall, get up, and stand balanced on their own two feet.


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Published by Crom Salvatera

Crom Salvatera is the Founder of Good Aikido. 'Crom Sensei' as he is known in the dojo has been practising Aikido for 30 years and has been teaching Aikido for 11 years.

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