Near You Is a Good Aikido Martial Art School

Near me is an Aikido School that teaches good martial arts. If you ever searched or asked Google or Siri for ‘Martial Art School near me’ or ‘Aikido School near me’, then no need to look any further.

Good Aikido Near Macquarie University at Macquarie University

Good Aikido Martial Art School Sydney has two locations dojo at the Macquarie University Sport and Aquatic Centre and Ryde Community Sports Centre.

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If you are near Macquarie Park, Macquarie University, Ryde, North Ryde, or near Epping, Eastwood, Chatswood, Lindfield, and near Lane Cove, then Good Aikido Martial Art School Sydney is the best Aikido martial art school or club for you.

We also teach Aikido and martial art online or Zoom, but there is nothing like an in-person class.

Martial Art School Near North Ryde

Our Martial Art School for Kids is at Macquarie University Sport and Aquatic Centre.

Our Aikido Club and Martial Art School are at Ryde Community Sports Centre.

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We have programs for all ages, abilities and interests. Our goal is to provide enjoyable, motivating and energetic training in a supportive environment. Our experienced instructors are committed to the individual development of each student, encouraging teamwork, discipline and a positive attitude.

We are quick to identify the unique talent in every student, and nurture students to reach their full potential.

As well as physical development that comes with learning Martial Arts, we place an emphasis on mental, emotional and personal development too. Martial Arts are an effective way of controlling emotion, understanding discipline and determination, and developing a code of respect.

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