Irimi Nage: Enter and Throw

Irimi Nage is one of the most fundamental yet unique Aikido techniques. Irimi Nage or Iriminage literally means enter and throw.

Irimi Nage involves entering the opponent’s space, controlling their balance, and mostly (not all the time) using their own momentum to throw them. The term “irimi” refers to entering the opponent’s space, and “nage” means throw.

In Iwama Aikido, Irimi Nage can be seen as a triangular or circular technique. In Aikikai (Aiki Kai), Irimi Nage is mostly circular.

Irimi requires courage to train and use.

The technique also requires the practitioner to stay relaxed and fluid, which can help them maintain their own balance and centre of gravity while executing the throw. Additionally, Irimi Nage can be used in a variety of situations, such as against punches, grabs, or weapon attacks, making it a versatile technique. However, like any Aikido technique, the effectiveness of Irimi Nage depends on the practitioner’s ability to execute it correctly and in the right circumstances.

How to do Katate Dori Irimi Nage According to O Sensei


When your partner grabs your left wrist firmly with his right hand, put Ki energy into the fingertips of your left hand and turn your palm upward.

Take a large step to your partner’s right side with your left foot, while extending your left hand diagonally to the right.

Then grab your partner’s right wrist with your right hand and release your left hand from his grip.

At the same time, turn your body to the right 180 degrees and look in the same direction as your partner.

Hold your partner’s collar from behind with your left hand.

Bring Your Hand Towards Your Chest

Step through with your right foot and throw your partner as though pushing his neck down with your inside right elbow.

Be stable and stay in the correct hanmi position after throwing your partner.

Put Ki energy into your fingertips and protect yourself from further attack.

‘Budo’ Takemusu Aikido Special Edition By Morihei Ueshiba

Different Ways To Use the Concept of Irimi

One on One Irimi

Enter behind Uke’s back, take his balance then throw, atemi, punch or choke.

Multiple Attacker Irimi

Enter towards the weakest side and control the group from behind.

Psychological Irimi

Enter your target’s mind by using your words as atemi. Then disturb his emotional balance. Influence your target’s mind by planting your ideas.

Group or Social Irimi

Enter the group by befriending the head of the group. Take the balance of the group by influencing the head of the group to do your objectives.

Personal Development Irimi

Enter your mind during meditation. Take the balance of your lower self by silencing your monkey and lizard brain. Give the monkey brain a job like concentrating on your breathing. In the silence of your mind listen. Be aware of your flowing mind. Lead your mind to what is really important to you to live a good life. Throw away your negative thoughts, complaints, anger and blame.

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